A little about me

I've been in the food industry roughly 12 years. I started out baking at a young age at home and had fun doing it. As I got older I realized it was something I wanted to get more involved in and learn as much as I could. I've worked at bread bakeries, restaurants, wholesale bakeries, and independent bakeries. Everywhere I've gone I've learned so much and have met some amazing people. Now I've gotten the chance to put myself out there and introduce people to the things I enjoy doing! I'm very down to earth and like doing desserts/treats that remind people of something they had as a child, or maybe something their grandmother made. Pies, cookies, bread pudding, cakes, tarts, moon pies, fauxstess ding dongs , snowballs, brownies, whoopie pies and much more! You can find my product in local stores around the area: Lift Bridge Coffee in downtown Tacoma, the Arletta store in Gig Harbor, and the Zodiac Supper club in North Tacoma. As well you can place personal orders through this website or contact me by phone or email. I deliver in the Tacoma area for any personal orders for a small fee, so you can have something brought right to your door! I hope to hear from you soon to provide you with a delicious treat, cheers!!

" Life is short, eat dessert first!"

Brianne Day, Owner and Baker